Presto Interlining Fusing

Woven Interlinings Fusing

Woven interlinings Fusing are suitable for the most demanding products like coats, jackets, shirts & denim.

  • Lightweight
  • High performance of the garment

Non-Woven Interlinings Fusing

Stabilize shapes, make garments softer and adaptable. Serve as backing, Suitable for light weight, formal, casual garments and sportswear.

  • Lightweight & Strong
  • Different Weights and Sizes
  • White, Black, Charcoal

Knitted Interlinings Fusing

Interlinings Fusing for classical suits, casual and dress wear.

  • Perfect for comfort and durability.
  • Circular knit
  • White & Black
  • Different Weights

Embroidery Fusing

All types of embroidery fusing

  • Tear-able, Paste-able, Poly Water Dissolving, Nonwoven Water Dissolving
  • Coated & Uncoated
  • Different Weights
  • Black & White

Belt loop

  • It’s a resin film that melts into denim fibers
  • Stabilizes yarn to avoid belt loop fraying
  • Removes trimming of loose threads
  • Lasts for the life of the garment

Pocket Lining

  • Durable, soft & comfortable
  • Different weights
  • Brushed, plain, twill, patterns or logos
  • For casual and dress wear

Denim Waist Band Fusing

  • For making waist band even and wrinkle-free
  • For maintaining shape
  • To ease skirt or pant onto the band
  • For smooth and secure stitching
  • Different weights
  • High performance of the garment

Chest Pieces

  • Pre-formed chest pieces.
  • Wide variety made of horse hair or washable materials.
  • Production efficiency & garment’s long life
  • 100% Cotton

Should Pads & Sleeve Heads

Best choice for tailored garments

  • Give delicate look and retain shape of the garment
  • Support and cushion for sleeve at shoulder
  • Different sizes

Seaming Interlining Fusing Tape

  • Perfect product for permanent-press and easy-care shirts
  • Eliminates seam wrinkling
  • Maintain excellent appearance of the garment before and after wash
  • Ideal for formal shirts