The Company


Fine Industries (Pvt) Ltd was founded by Mr. Farooq Ahmed (C.E.O) in 2003 and since then we are serving our customers’ proactively to exceed their expectations by responding quickly to their requirements which helped us grow with passage of time and we are now a family of about 200 employees.

Top Suppliers

Fine Industries (Pvt) Ltd is one of the top suppliers of all types of interlining fusing & coat accessories and leading importer of high-quality interlining fusing in Pakistan.

  • A company trusted by our customers
  • A company adapting to ever changing market trends and customer needs
  • A company that gives back to society
  • A company that empowers and encourages its employees

CEO Message

We durably focus on fulfilling customer desires & requirement as well as adapting to the ever-changing Market through R&D keeping in view new future development & Try to completely facilitate our customer in every situation.

For us customer is continually most valued and important. We follow our one prime rule of providing total customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves to meet our customer expectations & to enhance our good reputation.

Farooq Ahmed

Director’s Message

Our aim is to become one of the top ten companies of Pakistan. We believe customer preference and satisfaction for an organization is the foremost parameter to gauge repute of any organization and we strive for it with utmost honesty bearing in mind our responsibilities.

We understand that innovation with changing trends is the way forward and we continuously perform R&D for product improvements and new product developments. We believe in passion with sensibility, responsibility and honesty to build a diverse and goal-oriented team.

Abdul Rehman